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We service your flat screen TV, regardless of size, brand or model. We can get them back to good working order.


Whether you have a LCD, LED or Plasma flat screen, we can fix them and get them back to you quickly. With our experience you know it'll be done right.

We pride ourselves on putting customers first, and that means delivering quick, but comprehensive TV repair. You can rely on us to fix your problem quickly and to have products you need in-stock, such as most DLP and LCD projection bulbs.


Having your TV malfunction can be a real inconvenience. That's why 5 Star Electronics is here to fix the problem and get you back to the entertainment you enjoy. We repair and service flat screens skillfully and quickly.

Repairing your TV quickly and reliably

Quickly reuniting you with your entertainment

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Working on any flat screen TV

 •  Flat screen repairs only

 •  LCD TVs

 •  Plasma TVs

 •  DLP/LCD projection bulbs in-stock

 •  Skilled and quick repair

 •  Friendly and knowledgeable service

 •  Reliable repairs

Have peace of mind about your TV repair